Anita Flowe for MN State Rep.

About Anita


Anita Flowe is running for seat 17B in the Minnesota House. She is a passionate advocate of enabling all Minnesotans to reach their full potential to contribute economically and socially to our great state.

She was born September 27, 1961 and grew up in Durham, North Carolina. After graduating from Duke University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1983, Anita worked in industry, first at a firm that manufactured industrial equipment, and next at a plastics manufacturing facility. After several years in industry, Anita continued her education by obtaining a MS in Mechanical Engineering from NC A&T State University, a MS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Toledo. She employed her research specialty, computational fluid dynamics, while doing contract work for the EPA.

Anita has been married to Ken Flowe for more than 30 years, and they have had the pleasure of raising 2 delightful children, Alan and Anya. Alan is a natural leader in the field of construction, and Anya is following in her mother’s footsteps by working as a mechanical engineer.

She has especially enjoyed being a leader in community activities that involve diverse groups of people – such as a four-day culture camp for Korean adoptees from a multi-state area, and a church program for all ages which brought together people from several faith traditions.

Anita finds in her musical interests a strong metaphor for her interest in representing the people of Kandiyohi County. She plays drum set and bass guitar regularly in the area and enjoys the supporting role that these instruments play for vocalists who tell stories through song. Anita feels that the time has come for her to figuratively step forward, take the mike, and take district 17B’s stories of community needs to St. Paul, and get some action.

She has noticed several areas of concern during discussions with community members. A great deal of frustration exists with the cost and accessibility of healthcare, along with a desire for a more wellness centered approach to care. Addictions of all types in the area, including meth, tobacco, alcohol, and opioids affect the life expectancy of individuals, and the quality of life for all members of a family. There are insufficient daycare openings, and a shortage of affordable housing in the area. If Kandiyohi county is to continue to flourish by retaining current workers, and by attracting new talent, basic day to day necessities must be available within the community.

The problem-solving skills Anita has developed as an engineer will be useful as she works to build upon the strengths of the wonderfully diverse and very welcoming area of House District 17B