Economy and Racial Equity

These two issues fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  Kandiyohi county includes a wonderful variety of communities with distinct identities – such as the arts scene of New London, the recreational opportunities of Spicer, and the appreciation of and promotion of heritage in Sunburg and other towns.  One of the special qualities of Willmar and the surrounding area is the wonderful diversity of the residents.  Willmar’s downtown has been revitalized by the addition of many restaurants and stores, and it is a safe and engaging area to visit.  Although many of our relative newcomers to the area may have arrived to work at an industrial facility, their contributions have expanded to participating in many areas of society.  Economic planning for our area must acknowledge the gifts brought to the area by our diverse population, and must also address the needs of the rich tapestry of all of our beloved community members.  Anita will speak out against any physical or verbal attacks on any group in the area and ensure long term and newer residents’ concerns are heard in St. Paul. Moreover, she will support community efforts to build respect and learning between cultural, racial, and religious groups.

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