A huge concern of Minnesotans is the high cost of health care. Premiums are too high, and pressing issues such as addiction and mental health issues merit considerable attention and improved accessibility. Small businesses and farmers especially cannot afford high premiums and deductibles, and find that they cannot grow their businesses as they would like due to high medical expenses.  Allowing buy-in to MN Care or a similar access expansion would be fiscally responsible by increasing the number of people with coverage, and reducing the number of people who do not get timely treatment and thus need more expensive treatment due to an illness that has progressed.

As part of good health care, women deserve access to quality healthcare options – including effective birth control so that crisis pregnancies can be avoided.  Although Anita supports a woman’s right to choose the best option for her in the event of a crisis pregnancy, Anita wants to ensure appropriate healthcare, housing, childcare, education, food and other needs are met for children whose parents might otherwise consider an unplanned pregnancy to be a financial crisis. In other words, Anita would like to give support to parents considering options in a crisis pregnancy – and give them REAL, CARING CHOICES.

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